The Divine Spark Center is about finding
your equilibrium and true passion.

All of what and who we are is composed of a fine balance of matter and energy – Each of us has a unique frequency signature that we emit out into the world. Imagine you at the center of a drop of water that has fallen onto a still pond. The ripples that form are a unique vibration that can be felt by you, the environment and others. When we are in alignment with our unique frequency or vibration our physical form is supported allowing emotional equilibrium and true passion to ignite our Divine Spark.

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  • 12.24.2014  The Divine Field 12.24.2014 The Divine Field

    "Heaven is Under Our Feet As Well As Over Our Heads" ~ Thoreau

    The Divine Field

    This Christmas morning I woke up to a clear sun filled sky at dawn.  The wind from the previous evening had blown away the remnants of a storm.  The length of light was strong and held promise of the changed season.  My mind calculated the Sun's angle of repose with the tilt of the Earth and where I was in time.  Yet the Divine Light in the field surrounding Turkyle asked the mind to lay quiet and wait for the stirs of the morning.   Here I am in a place that at times I felt my soul bookmarked for me before I decided to come back to Earth.  Perhaps it was this summoning that at first I ignored and  now has become a dance yet to be learned.   I've landed in Ireland...