The Divine Spark Center is about finding
your equilibrium and true passion.

All of what and who we are is composed of a fine balance of matter and energy – Each of us has a unique frequency signature that we emit out into the world. Imagine you at the center of a drop of water that has fallen onto a still pond. The ripples that form are a unique vibration that can be felt by you, the environment and others. When we are in alignment with our unique frequency or vibration our physical form is supported allowing emotional equilibrium and true passion to ignite our Divine Spark.

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    Connect to the Energy of Nature

    July 26 & 27th, 2014

    Ever wonder about those instant urges and messages you receive when in Nature? Does a feeling inside that comes suddenly stir you to action? Ever get a sense that there is a separate conversation going on in your head? Have you ever noticed after being in close proximity to an animal, body of water, a tree or just walking in a forest that all of your physical ailments go away? Experiencing any or all of these feelings are our connection to the infinite creative force that exists between us and what is all around us. Come join me and let's explore all these unique possibilities to heal, be mindful and conscious of the space that exists and the creative universal forces. Read More »

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