Pain Abatement

It is my belief that most pain and discomfort in the body is emotionally based. Acting as a SoulScribe I write messages from your Soul to a pain in your body. Together we discover how an emotion or thought form has created an imbalance in your body.   In a healing session I use Soul Poems, Emotional Energetics and psychic surgery. Together we activate and invigorate your body’s ability to integrate the lessons your pain is teaching you.  In a safe and loving environment experience an insight, a letting go of past tethers and a joyful union through poetry with your Soul.

a Poem on pain:

pain in the body
what does it tell
where is alignment
what feels like hell
what is the question
that now comes to mind
what must you do
in order to feel fine
it’s not a mind exercise
there is more in store
it’s about dissatisfaction
deep in your core
let it out
it no longer serves
it’s like being at the dentist
and hitting raw nerve

Jonathan is available for receiving guests at Divine Spark Center, remotely or through skype.

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A testimonial for Jonathan Ellis, from Maria Gibson, Spiritualist

“I first met Jonathan at a conference in Windermere in the Lake District in march 2012. The thing is I was given two messages from mediums that I would meet a Jonathan, the first time was last November, 2011 and the second three weeks before I actually met him.  Jonathan sat down at the same table as my friend Patricia and i were sitting. We soon became friends and talked about ourselves, I told him about the messages I had been given. He then said he was a Soulreader through poems. I asked him if he would give me a reading, he agreed and that evening, my friend Patricia myself and Jonathan sat down to talk.  I told him I had (Interstitial Cystitis) a chronic inflammation of the bladder wall, causing severe pain at times the cause is unknown, and there is no cure.  He then wrote several poems for me. He asked me personal questions some I found hard to answer but I was put at ease with his patient, calming understanding way of making it easier for me to go to that place inside me. I didn’t want to be reminded of all the emotional trauma I had been through things you want to forget because it’s to painful to remember.

With the poems Jonathan wrote for me, I could go to the dark places in my life and confront them, to forgive myself and to release the guilt I felt and most of all to feel love in my heart for myself and others.

Since then Jonathan has helped me through the poems making sure the interpretation of the Soul poems I have made are for my highest good. But for Jonathan I would still be in pain. I am 90% pain free. 

With Love, thanks and gratitude
Maria Gibson”

Update: I talked to Maria via skype this morning June 17, she told me she is 100% pain free.


Jonathan’s Pain Abatement

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